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planning for birthday party!


ali imran birthday is around the corner..Fyi he's birthday on 26 dec 2006 ..so its
one day after xmas...well for this year we are planning to do a birthday party for him and his
sister alisa maisara which is on 29.9.2009...so budget laa hahahah
so the party will be on 25 dec 2011..yeah

but then after menjemput ..and menjemput..
i think i terjemput ramai orang..so today kene buat checklist again and buat bajet
tuk makanan tetamu nanti..excited usah cakap ler..

the last one mamy buat makan makan besar di rumah it was in 2008!
so apa lagi...mmg teruja nak buat birthday party nih..

buat di rumah..ruang agak kecil..so mamy plan from 5pm till 7pm sahaja
menu kemungkinan besar mihun goreng, macaroni goreng, spaghetti cheese and bolognise, sandwich,
sosej, nugget, fruits, ice cream and so on....hope its enuff laa kann

the goody bag..i only do for 50 bags ler..rasanyer cukup tuh hahah
dan isi nya sticker angry bird, sweets and chocs...should be nice then kannnnn

so everybody...please pray for me..
semoga semua berjalan lancar dan happy on that day..
so tonite nak p NSK kat selayang tu borong barang barang makanan
and lusa nak p tempah kek angry bird!

semoga anak mamy 2 orang ini happy lah yer...

mamy love you as many star in the sky kids!!!

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