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losing a friend!


bulan ni mamy are trying to organize 2 farewell party
my dear close friend!!!!

so along the way, i've found a good friend..
both of u mean a lots to me

spread ur wing!
good luck..may god bless both of u..

miss ya a lot~~~~~ can't expressed by the words..



  1. waaaa.....air mata mengalir keluar tatkala baca update ni...

  2. huda ....

    me might not be one of ur "polite" friend.
    but then i cherish ur friendship and moment together.
    eventhou its was short..i will miss u a lot..mostly
    ur "big laugh".

    ur party was not big today..but i put my all hardwork into it my dear..hope it will be a good memory to u huda...

    try to hold this tears huda..;
    but u know what..i am sure it will drop it at the rite moment..at the rite time..

    hopefully i will find another "goody goody" friend like u in future..

    anyway wish me luck too..as i am wishing to move on with my happy life...not suck life in "there"

    will miss u huda

    till then

    really really mean it


  3. Oh my God...k.lin....baru bace this reply pagi ni....k.lin wt sy nangis lagi...huhu...thanks k.lin....be strong k n all the best to k.lin n mas....jgn penah give up ye..dtg penang roger sy..


loving me..loving you